IAD Board of Directors

2017-2019 Executive Board

Corey Axelrod – President
Kevin Ryan – Vice President
Leon Devriendt – Secretary
Lisa Roth – Treasurer
Elke Weinbrenner – Membership Secretary

Member at Large

Edison Lopez

Chapter Representatives

Earl Weston – Chicago Chapter
Donald Moore – Fox Valley Chapter
Tom Bruhn – McLakes Chapter
Susan Dramin-Weiss – Illini Chapter
Joseph Vieira – Jacksonville Chapter
Marilyn Harbison – Springfield Chapter
Greg Heberling – Stephen Decatur Chapter

Affiliate Representatives

Laura Thompson, AIM Center for Independent Living (AIMCIL)
Jim Lomanto, Chicagoland Deaf Seniors (CDS)
Karen Aguilar, Chicago Hearing Society (CHS)
Amanda Grazian, Illinois Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (IRID)
Marion Dramin, Illinois Telecommunication Access Corporation (ITAC)
Deloris Summers, Jacksonville Community Center for the Deaf (JCCD)
Alan Thomas, Persons Assuming Control Environment CIL (PACE CIL)
Eloise Davies, Springfield Deaf Club (SDC)
Gustavo Diaz, West Suburban Association of the Deaf (WSAD)