Priorities (2015-2017)

IAD members voted on top priorities for 2015-2017 during the 2015 Biennial IAD Conference in Moline, IL. The IAD Board of Directors is responsible for follow up action.

The Official 2015-2017 Conference Top Priorities (5) are as follows:

EHDI (Early Hearing Detection and Intervention)

IAD shall continue to work on the 2013 ADV priority regarding EHDI Act to make sure that ASL materials are included as language exposure for deaf children.

Education Strategy Team

IAD shall establish an education strategy committee with working groups to address educational issues which impact deaf children.

Direct Services Adhoc Committee

IAD shall form a direct services Adhoc committee to advocate, promote and protect the needs for deaf social service providers.

Emergency Alert and Accessibility Adhoc Committee

IAD shall form an emergency alert and accessibility Adhoc committee to advocate, protect and promote the needs of deaf individuals in all emergency situations.

Access for Deaf in Nursing Homes or Ward of State

IAD shall set up an Adhoc committee to help open up access for deaf people in nursing homes or those who are ward of state.