IAD members are invited to join their local IAD chapter. Chapters are responsible for local advocacy and support the overall IAD mission and vision on a local level. Each chapter appoints a chapter representative to participate on the IAD Board of Directors.

Chicago Chapter

President – Earl Weston
Vice President – Melissa Manak
Secretary – Patty Weston
Treasurer – Sandy Tiania
Trustee: Nick Ng
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Fox Valley Chapter

President – Tamera Gaudet-Doody
Vice President – Suzy Laskowski
Secretary –Suzy Laskowski
Treasurer – Ramesh Phadke
Representative – Donald Moore
Alt Rep – Tamera Gaudet-Doody
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The McLakes Chapter
(NW Chicago)

President – Raymond Francini
Vice-President – Wendy Adams
Treasurer – Herb Muehl
Secretary – Jennifer Buck
Representative – Tom Bruhn
Alt Rep – Anil Phadke
Trustees – Tom Adamo, Phil Neumann and Marc Roer
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Illini Chapter

President – Bill Newell
Vice President – Elizabeth Hurd
Secretary – Marietta Coufal
Treasurer – Don Haring
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Jacksonville Chapter

President – Deloris DeAnn Summers
Vice President – Rozie Jacobs
Secretary – Paul Pyers
Treasurer – Paul Pyers

Springfield Chapter

President – Charles Harbison
Vice President – TBA
Secretary – Tammy Stewart
Treasurer – David Gurley

Stephen Decatur Chapter

President – Greg Heberling
Vice President – Josh Rhodes
Secretary – Courtney Huton
Treasurer – Courtney Huton

If you are interested in establishing a new chapter or reviving a previously established chapter, please click here to contact Corey Axelrod, IAD President.