Committees and Task Forces

The IAD Volunteer Leadership structure is comprised of the Board of Directors, along with Committees and Task Forces.

Committees tend to be organized around a specific issue or responsibility, such as the Bylaws Committee, or the Legislative Committee. Task Forces have specific goals, and may be disbanded when those goals are met, such as the Education Strategy Team.

If you are interested in serving as an volunteer, please contact IAD President Corey Axelrod.

Standing Committees


  • Kevin Ryan, Chair

Deaf Youth

  • Maria Hernandez, Chair

Family Program

  • Rhychell Barnes, Chair

Finance Committee

  • Lisa Roth, Chair
  • Leon Devriendt, Consultant
  • Marietta Coufal, Consultant
  • Ramesh Phadke, Consultant


  • Carolyn Neumann, Chair


  • N/A


  • Jason Altmann, Chair
  • Angela Botz
  • Brandie Belforid
  • Carol Nemecek-Kowalski
  • Deb Koll
  • Tom Bruhn


  • Donald Moore, Chair
  • Kris Hammerle, Graphic Designer

Senior Citizens

  • Janet Pyers, Chair

AdHoc Committees

Direct Services Adhoc Committee

  • Hershel Jackson (Chair)
  • Alan Thomas
  • Kim Mokris

Education Strategy Team

  • Christina Pean, Co-Chair
  • Katie Simon, Co-Chair
  • Anita Mazique
  • Fara Harper
  • Gail Bedessem

Emergency Alert and Accessibility Committee

  • Rosemary Edwards, Chair
  • Angie Kubiak
  • Igor Zapadinsky
  • Sam Russotto

Nursing Home and Ward of State Adhoc Committee

  • Marc Roer, Chair